Voice Text Image Translator – Android App

Voice Text Image Translator – Android

Voice Text Image Translator - Android App

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Voice Text Image Translator is an application that helps translate voice, photo and text, with which you don’t need to learn a foreign language. Feel free to install and use it for work, travel or socialize with foreigners. Speak and translate into french, portuguese, italian, russian, japanese, spanish and over 100 more languages.

SmarTranIt has a unique voice translation and text translation function, just set the current language to the target language to complete the input translation without writing. You can also enter text content through the input box, and the translated content can be copied and played.

It translate any type of text, be it a word, a set of phrases, a casual conversation, a dialogue from a cartoon, an official document and so on. The quality of the translation will be high, even if the speaker has a regional accent or makes grammatical errors.

Immediately speak all kinds of different languages, voice to voice. Naturally talk to your phone in one language, then hear yourself in another completely other language. It’s so amazing.

Voice Text Image Translator has a powerful text translation function. You only need to drag the translation baall to the corresponding position. It can provide accurate translation in many applications, and it can also replace the text in the target input box with translated text, allowing you to experience Differential dialogue.

Our language translator is designed to cater to your needs, offering a user-friendly interface and a wide range of supported languages. From English to Spanish, French to Italian, our app supports the translation of diverse languages, ensuring that you can understand physical signs and walls effectively wherever you are.

This app has many features which enable you to translate any image to directly text by using the camera, without the need of writing it. Camera translator also supports Voice recognition means you can enter text in more than 70+ languages via just speaking. You don’t have to type the text.

Voice Text Image Translator
Voice Text Image Translator

User-friendly interface for a seamless experience
Easy to use and quick Translation in seconds
Photo translator for the image to text converter
OCR technology for precise text recognition
Multilingual translator supporting a wide range of languages
Image Translator application translates an image from Gallery
Voice translator app for speaking and writing for translation any language.
Select image directly from the gallery
Share Translate Voice and Text
Copy and paste source and translate text
AdMob, Facebook & MAX ad supported
Android 13 supported


Android Studio

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